Turian Labs UX



The new digital age is constantly changing faster than ever before, disrupting the landscape and fundamentally reshaping our lives. It is a profound transition where the physical and digital worlds are fusing and interconnecting every part of our world.

TuX is Turian Lab's User Experience Excellence Center. TuX is striving to change the way people and businesses express themselves, live, learn, play and work.  We help businesses build meaningful experiences beyond purely digital or physical to more seamless and connected. We work with emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, big data analytics, autonomous machines, wearable technology and sensorial networks to design a desirable world around us.

TuX team derives its expertise from 2 decades of global work across the industry sectors, with diverse clientele from consumer gadgets to oil and gas. We are adapt with extracting meta-rules and in creating physical digital interfaces and interactions from scratch. Turian Labs is your digital-transformation partner.

The only way of visualizing the future is by building it.



An experience is about people and their contexts, if done right, it resonates more deeply, ultimately driving user-engagement and business growth. To build successful products and stay ahead of rapid-innovation cycles, it is indispensable to understand the user-context, emerging macro trends and anticipate future needs and risks.

When Google launched its wearable glass they were completely oblivious to the skepticism towards intrusive wearable technology, which was one of the major factors in low adoption of the product among it’s users.

We deploy a seasoned team, that has seen more than 200 global engagements for User Research & Strategy to understand user-behavior to elicit business-insights and non-linear opportunities, leading to a solid Business Design.



Crafting a differentiated user experience requires businesses to not just digitize, but reimagine products, services, processes and beyond.

The success of the iPod, when bundled with iTunes demonstrates how digital experiences enveloped around isolated products can disrupt the market. Part of art in creating classics is what ‘not to change or innovate’. Apple has maintained this tight rope.

We envision, design and develop iconic user experiences and interfaces. We help clients walk all the way from Design Thinking driven innovation strategy to complete portfolio management in the digital domain.



A compelling experience is the one that delivers a multi-stage journey for the user, seamlessly across all the touchpoints. For example, imagine when you connect your alarm to your coffee machine, lights, drapes and other everyday things around, an ecosystem of IoT comes into being.This also raises questions of what automation must mean for different people.

We design the physical products, interactive interfaces and digital components, to weave them seamlessly into an ecosystem to create the experience of connectedness. Our partners help us stitch the technology while we provide the digital strategy and architecture.



As the new digital age is disrupting the landscape of business, it has become inevitable for businesses to go digital but the challenge is to do it right.

If digital is the key initiative of the business, but UX/UI is a challenge then we can assist you in building this capability and building an in-house team. TuX takes care of recruiting (with rapid-expansion possibilities), orienting, training, and assessing the team.