Megatrends study is increasingly becoming a tool of choice for organizations around the world, to chart out future innovation strategy. Turian Labs uses megatrends to help organizations build a tangible scenario of future and build desirable products, culture and experiences. It is one of the few companies in India that generates authentic Megatrends Reports for the Indian Market every year, which results in annual workshop IndiaNxt.   

Megatrends are woven together from social, political, economic, cultural, technological and business parameters to sense the emergent changes in people’s opinions about a product, brand, personality, or a policy. Megatrends studies involve usage of Design Thinking as a methodology.


How do megatrends help you?


1. Identifying Future Customers: Your customers are changing as you are reading this. Traditional market research methods are not able to keep pace with these changes. Megatrends can help you profile the new consumers.


2. Identifying The Emerging Business Universe: As the competition in current business grows stiffer, what are the starting points for bringing the differentiated offerings? How can you avoid ‘Kodak Moments’?


3. Refreshing the Brand Narrative: Megatrends help finding the new look, expression or narrative for your products/brand/service/experience that is authentic and unique.


4. Technology made Desirable: When the technology is changing at a startling pace, megatrends help you to maintain the golden combination of winning – Technology features v/s Desirability


Provided below are truncated reports for download. If you use any content/knowledge from this report, we would appreciate that you inform us and credit us in your usage. If you need detailed reports and expert presentation/facilitation, please write to us through connect section.

Download the past reports  here.


Megatrend 2014 - Turian Labs

Megatrend 2016 - Turian Labs

Megatrend 2017 - Turian Labs

Megatrend 2019 - Turian Labs 

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