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Turian Tales | Glimpses of the Emerging | June 2020

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Five years of Turian Labs - 5 Learnings | Customer Experience (CX) is dead, as we knew it | Constraints - The Real Battlefield of Innovation in India | Impact of COVID19 on consumer behaviour | The Interplay of cooking and Design Thinking | Advantage Remote UX Research

We are living in interesting times, as global pandemic makes digital technologies thrive on one hand and at the same time shifting the focus back to the human elements. In the midst of all this, Turian Labs completed five years, early April 2020. It has been a phenomenal journey and we have had opportunities to work on some enviable research and strategy mandates across the globe. The factors that played a critical role in making this journey of a fledgeling domain and that of a startup, different & exciting, have been put together in an article by Manoj Kothari.

Read it here - 5 Years of Turian Labs: 5 Learnings

Customer Experience (CX) is dead, as we knew it

In a rapidly changing business scenario, the classical Customer Experience process needs an edit. This stems from the fact that a lot of businesses believe in always staying ‘second’ and they have good reason to do so. Let the market leader do all the hard work of way-finding. Just follow that but increase the scale. Manoj Kothari delves into- Inefficiencies are pardoned, scarcity is not, as the new disruptive era of customer experience dawns.

Read it here - Customer Experience (CX) is dead, as we knew it

Changing Consumer Behaviour - Pivoting towards a Low-touch Economy 

We successfully hosted the first online D'IVE (Design Thinking and Innovation network) session in mid-May and the speaker for the day was Hardee Shah-Vora, SVP - Innovation at the Aditya Birla Group (one of the largest Indian conglomerates). She, an expert on consumer megatrends and insights, shared her perspectives on changing consumer behaviour due to the COVID crisis. She expanded on some key directions forward like ‘revenge buyingDIY opportunities, senior-care and home as the center of new consumption.

You can catch a replay of the session here - Impact of COVID19 on Consumer Behaviour

Constraints - The real battlefield of Innovation

A country as huge as India has contradictions & constraints built-in all aspects of life. When it comes to innovative thinking in this context, how can we leverage the unusual constraints imposed by the complexity of India, by converting them into creative challenges? Our teammate Sajid Khetani presents a compelling case for triggering innovation that can help India morph into a global leader.

Read it here - Constraints — The Real Battlefield of Innovation in India

Design Thinking: What’s cooking?

Our teammate Kritanya SG, is passionate about cooking and has been able to make the most of it in the present work from home scenarios. While working on a project, which involved creating a learning module on Design Thinking and the intermittent cooking activity, she discovered that there are a lot of similarities between the two. She has penned her reflections in an article which has been aptly titled, What's cooking?  

Read it here - The Interplay of cooking and Design Thinking

Advantage Remote UX Research - Virtual Empathy

In the wake of recent lockdown, there is a rising interest in remote user-research methods. While it is easy to think of technology tools with the word ‘remote’, EMPATHIC RESEARCH sounds paradoxical. Since the beginning of the lockdown in March 2020, Turian Labs has already completed several projects in the remote-research mode. Here are some learnings elaborating how this method works even better than the one in-person in most of the cases.

Read it here - Advantage Remote UX Research

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