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Turian Tales | Glimpses of the Emerging | July 2020

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In this issue of Turian Tales | July 2020

Impact Democratisation | The Confluence of Blue Ocean Strategy and Design Thinking | India’s Tik Tok Question. How? | Investor Behaviour - a case of Narratives and Biases | In Other News

The last month has been quite eventful. On one hand, we are seeing great progress on the COVID vaccine development front and on the other hand, the Jio juggernaut doesn’t seem to stop rolling. Just last week, Google confirmed buying a ~7% stake in Jio Platforms. Working with Google as a preferred global UX research and innovation strategy partner since 2015, we can say that Google puts in some serious effort in delivering the promise through deep empathic enquiry and rapid prototyping, which are the cornerstone of Design Thinking led Innovation. 

One of the immediate impacts from an innovation perspective is an affirmative push towards Design Thinking and rapid UX research sprint methods in the Indian business ecosystem, shifting away from classical market research and inside-out-innovation.

Image source:  MS TECH | FLICKR: EP_JHU BY NC2.0

Impact Democratisation

Technology is democratising several aspects of our lives that were limited to a privileged few hitherto — from communication to quality education. Mobile phones have played a key role in the democratisation of the internet. Our teammate Advit Mohunta shares his thoughts on how the democratisation of social-impact has become everyone’s baton.   

Read it here - ‘Impact democratisation’

The Confluence of Blue Ocean Strategy and Design Thinking

As the current uncertainty rages on, the conventional definition of ‘target user’ is undergoing a shift. What this means for companies is they must find ways to create new value, while actively reducing costs. This is also known as Value Innovation and plays a critical role while defining a Blue Ocean strategy. This was also the theme of our last D'IVE session and the speaker was Stephanos George Eapen, a Blue Ocean Strategy Leader and a career academician. 

As a leading Design Thinking led Innovation company, we have shared our perspective on how the confluence of Blue Ocean Strategy and Design Thinking can play out in the quest for creating a winning proposition.

Read it here - The Confluence of Blue Ocean Strategy and Design Thinking

You can also catch a replay of the D’IVE session here

India’s Tik Tok Question. How? 

Why couldn’t India create an internet rage with an app that thrives on user-generated content like Tik Tok? The setting seemed just right - a globally recognized ecosystem of IT services, right talent and infrastructure, English language advantage, a great startup ecosystem and no dearth of VC money. What was missing? Manoj Kothari traces the business reality and the historical context of why Indians 'play safe' when it comes to innovation in an article.

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Investor Behaviour - a case of Narratives and Biases

The global economy is being crippled by lockdown and consumer confidence is at a record low. But, if you look at the stock markets, they are conveying a completely different story. How can people be so oblivious to things which are happening on the main street aka the real economy? So, what is really going on here? Sajid Khetani has outlined the factors at play, which provides an anchor to understand the underlying investor behaviour.

Read it here - Investor Behaviour - a case of Narratives and Biases

In Other News

We are partners for the Next Step India program of German Accelerator and are currently working with the 2nd cohort of startups from the logistics, mobility, healthcare, edutech and IoT space. We are helping the German startups on sharpening their value proposition for the India entry strategy. In the next edition, we will share some more details about our experience of working on this program.

Until next time, stay safe!

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