“What does innovation mean for a legacy superbrand?”, “How do you approach the dilemma of brand character v/s changing consumer needs?”, “How do you de-risk the innovation efforts and not eat into the current revenue lines?”

Manoj Kothari, the Founder and Principal Strategist at Turian Labs, answered these questions and many more as he addressed a global team of Senior Leadership from Coca Cola, in a day-long design thinking & innovation strategy workshop at Shanghai in May 2016. The workshop focused on using design thinking to define how innovation can be manifested in brands that span across the globe and have a rich legacy and structure to uphold.

The participants- senior VPs from across departments, had gathered in Shanghai from all over the globe. Their varied socio-cultural and professional action-areas ensured that the discussed innovation problems & experiences were starkly diverse and challenging. The workshop helped in defining a baseline for innovation across industries & geographies along with giving the participants real-time insights to address innovation problems using the tools and techniques of design thinking.