What is D’IVE all about?
D'IVE is a recurring collaborative-learning-meet-up of cross-industry professionals eager to explore and expand their awareness of Design Thinking & innovation.  D'IVE is designed to be an interactive format for exchanging ideas on a weekend, at Pune, India.


D'IVE was born out of the need for an informal forum where doors are open to professionals across the industries and streams; where interactions do not depend upon prior knowledge of terminology and jargon; where learning is hands-on and in the express mode; where one can discuss ‘what’s India’s take on it’ and not just quote global case-studies.


D'IVE is facilitated by Manoj Kothari, founder & principal design strategist at Turian Labs, with nearly 2 decades of global experience in innovation & design. Manoj is an alumi of IIT Mumbai and NID Ahmedabad. The co-facilitator Harshad Nanal (also an IITB alum) is a seasoned senior IT professional and worked with global conglomerates like IBM, TechMahindra &  Thermax.

Key Takeaways:

  •      Understand innovation from the best in the field. Free.

  •      Express immersion to Design Thinking & innovation world

  •      Know the Indian case studies, not available on internet

  •      Build a cross-industry network of professionals interested in DT and            innovation

  •      Opportunity to contribute to annual innovation and future strategy            conference – IndiaNxt.

Who should attend?

Professionals across hierarchy from IT, ITES, manufacturing, retail, telecom, banking & finance, engineering, pharma, management consulting & education.

Public sector organizations and people in governance (from municipal corporation, from democratic institutions)

Social enterprises and NGO professionals.

Startup founders and aspirants.

Final year students from engineering, design, medicine and MBA colleges