With the exponentially increasing need for evolved services and experiences for customers, Design thinking has become an indispensable reality for business all over the world. IT industry giants like IBM, Infosys and Cognizant are already relying on Design Thinking to make their organizations more resilient and emphatic to customer needs.

With clients making DT-methods a prerequisite in RFPs, there has been an evident realization that design is no longer a separate department but a critical thinking culture that should form the chassis of all problem-solving.

Recently, Turian Labs conducted a Design Thinking Bootcamp in Pune, with Tech Mahindra, a leading IT brand in the country, engaging teams across various verticals and the top management. The two-day engagement was further extended into a week-long DT Sprint, where Team Turian hand-held a selected top-management team to approach and improvise a business scenario, in the DT way.

While at the beginning of the session, most participants hypothesized solutions based on personal experiences and biases, the approach soon changed into an emphatic one, keeping the user at the pivot of problem-solving. The interaction with DT – a first for most participants – also raised and solved several biting questions like 'How was DT any different than agile methodology', 'How was it more efficient than the conventional customer-centric techniques' and most importantly, 'How to measure the effectiveness of Design Thinking'.

Applying DT to a real-life problem using custom-made tools created by Turian Labs, helped the participants understand Design in the language that is relevant to them and their industry. After the sessions, participants expressed the need to do away with mechanized templates in favor of exploring new touch-points and keeping 'continuous empathy' alive throughout the process.