Future Envisioning



The research team at Turian Labs is committed to study the prevalent changes and analyse the emerging customers, business models and experiences across various industries in the form of trends and pattern reading.

We use empathetic research methodologies and ethnography to decipher people's changing habits, mindsets and behavior, that organizations must learn for better market penetration and sustained profitability. 

Physical Product Innovation



CMF stands for Color, Material and Finish. It is a crucial stage in product development and has everything to do with the brand image, status and style. CMF research and strategy can help increase the value of the product as well as capitalize on the public perception of the product too. It can also reveal the emerging and upcoming trends and patterns.

CMF can increase your product’s performance, aesthetic appeal and functionality, helping you stand out from the rest of the competition.



Studying the way a user interacts with the product can give very valuable insight into the real needs of the user as it involves understanding consumer behavior- what they do and why they do it. Product usage, habits and attitude differ from one user group to another; It’s important to understand the complexities and intricacies of every group in order to accurately gain insight into usage and habits. Such studies help identifying current or future problems and developing services to bridge that gap. 

Brand Innovation



Ethnography is an assemblage of qualitative methods used to closely observe social practices and interactions. It can be used to gauge insights about how a product or service can be relevant to a customer by studying their everyday routine and habits. Without this research, any new launch in the market is likely to fall flat. When re-designing a brand or a service, it’s important to understand the culture, habits and environment of the company in question. Brand ethnography involves dynamically mapping perceptions in the market, competition as well as the workplace, in order to develop a consistent message and structure for the brand

Innovation is transforming every industry and the way people deal with their lives. Megatrends are substantial and transformative powers that define the future by having an expansive effect on business, economies, society and people and help organizations understand the emergent changes in people’s opinions about a product, brand, personality or a policy.

We conduct a yearly cross-industry conference and workshop called IndiaNxt  since 2006 to collaboratively map the future Megatrends and discover potentialities for brands/products/services/policies for 3-5 years in future.



At Turian Labs, we describe megatrends as the power that defines the future by having a holistic effect  on business, economies, society and people. Through megatrends we help organizations understand the emergent changes in people’s opinions about a product, brand, personality or a policy. We use the Design Thinking to scan the global horizons and build a tangible scenario of the future.

Turian Labs helps you build better products, services & interactions. Our work helps in creating new desirables in the society, ease the business processes, generate new efficiency & offer new revenue streams to our clients.

In the services domain, we crafts and facilitate the merging of the real & digital worlds for seamless interaction. Using various design techniques & paradigms like ethnography, gamified co-creation, semiotics, parallel domain trend-mapping and future-proofing through megatrends we craft leaner and smarter systems. In collaboration with our mothership Onio (Onio Design Pvt. Ltd.) we can provide you end-to-end product design services till market-readiness.



Semiotics is the detailed study of communication systems, whether it’s spoken word, gestures, signage or even clothing. Semiotics looks for signs and symbols that are minute signifiers about behavior and/or culture. It has its roots in anthropology but has found its way into marketing as well as product & service development. It is a very useful tool in brand understanding, brand inspiration and brand evaluation.

Turian Labs’ deploys research-driven brand strategy models to build a brand architecture that is sharper, scalable and future-ready. In case of integration or brand transitions, we help in evolving a transition plan to de-risk the process. We deploy Design Thinking  in brand strategy and provide services like Brand Envisioning, Brand positioning, Brand Perception & Insights, Brand Integration Strategy and Brand Transition Risk Assessment.



If brand ethnography is step one, brand envisioning is step two. Once a clear understanding of the brand-space has been gained creating a vision for the brand, brand identity, related collaterals or services becomes a much easier. It becomes a science after a comprehensive ethnographic study has been done. Brand envisioning also includes brand strategy- this is an effective way to uncover insights about where your brand is today, where it needs to go in the future and how to get there. 

Process Design

Through our Design Thinking led methods and Service Process Benchmarking techniques we help our customers assess their business processes with respect to the changing realities and construct new meanings. We co-create to design business models which would make them more agile, value-holding and user-centric. Thereby, helping them sustain the disruptive industry trends.

We also help government agencies and non-profits to develop a holistic view of the services and draw greater collaborations between the stakeholders. Our work paves the way for humanistic solutions to large-scale 'wicked problems' facing the world today.



Our tools and methods enable our clients in quickly understanding how they are performing across various channels and lifecycle phases of the consumer decision journey versus their peers



We join forces with our customers to design a customer centric and value adding business model. We adopt an experimental and collaborative approach to redesign and reinvent their processes and build a model which help them sustain the disruptive environment.



Design Thinking can tie arrangements and policies closer to the needs of the public. At Turian Labs we help government agencies, NGOs and bureaucrats develop a holistic view and  draw greater collaborations between the government, public, businesses, and civil society, paving the way for humanistic solutions to large-scale “wicked problems” facing the world today.