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3. Design Thinking focuses on user. Also it helps creating a better entry barrier for your business. It creates IPR ready documentation. It helps making the product/service more accessible and hence desirable. An extended and different articulation of Design Thinking,

4. Since 2005 several global brands have been landing in India and trying to decode the Indian consumer. It appears like a complex labyrinth of cultural, social, geographical influences which makes segmentation and targeting difficult. Here is what we assembled as a quick visual primer to Indian cultural insights and influences on a modern Indian consumer.

5. Startups struggle with the basics of brand creations. How to decide if a logo designed by an agency is good enough or not? How to create brand extensions? Is tagline necessary? This presentation was delivered at IPFACE workshop organized by the startup incubator at National Chemical Laboratory at Pune, India.

6. After months of usability testing with close to 100 users on multiple projects, we at Turian Labs have developed a UX rigour that we swear by. Apart from the basic heuristics, here are some of the best practices from our UX bible, right from the recruitment phase to insight generation after the user-interactions.
An ethnographic View of Usability Testing

8. Turian Labs team curated a list the most innovative models in education- both tech based and non-tech based.

9. A small team from Turian Labs went to engineering and management institutes in different parts of Pune that host students from varying socio- economic and cultural backgrounds. Interactions were done with students who were selected at random near the institutes. In- depth interviews were also conducted with specific candidates to understand the shortcomings that the students encountered int heir curriculum. The following list of white spaces was made from our collective findings. 
White Spaces in Higher Education