Turian Labs works with several organizations including for-profit/non-profit/government to help them innovate and discover new frontiers of growth. We extensively engage with global consumers/professionals/domain-experts to understand their perspective on the given context. The discussions are informal and conducted by experienced team of professionals from our team. Usually there is a  gift/remuneration, as a token of thanks from Turian Labs, at the end of such an interaction. We invite  consumers/professionals/domain-experts to join our research panel and register here with us by providing their consent below.

"I hereby agree to register with Turian Labs for interactions/interviews on innovation/design research projects. I understand that the information/audio/videos/photos provided by me will be used for the gainful research purposes only and will not be shared in public domain. I also understand that I will be suitably compensated by Turian Labs for my time and information provided by me. As a registered member I would be contacted time to time, by Turian Labs to check my availability for participating in research. I know that I am free to opt out of this engagement anytime."
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