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Turian Labs envisions being a fountainhead of applied integrative thinking/ design thinking to create growth, beauty and harmony around us in our endeavors.

—Turian blends the ART, CULTURE, TECHNOLOGY & BUSINESS into a single composite to create ‘beauty’ in all its endeavors. It is like Yoga that helps developing a team-mind with strength & composure that results in externalization of beauty.

Turian Labs is an Innovation Research and Strategy company that believes in the power of ‘integrative thinking’ or ‘design thinking’ and applies it to solve complex problems, unearth new opportunities and build design thinking organizations.

 By applying integrative thinking Turian aims to-

  •  Develop proprietary Integrative Thinking and Design Thinking methodologies
  •  Develop products/workshops for corporates, schools and for social organizations on integrative/design thinking
  • Conduct research to understand people, products, brand and technology interactions and configure the road ahead
  • Develop innovation & Design Thinking capabilities within organizations
  • Lead & monitor innovation programs as an embedded team
  • Megatrend driven future strategy consulting
  • Conduct theme based Learning Expeditions, conferences, workshops and roundtables 

We Believe

Speed is dithering human minds today. Life is changing at fastest pace ever today due to population growth, depleting resources, shifting technology, heavy urbanization and reducing attention span. Too much and too soon, is building new gratification frontiers but it is also challenging the human existence in several ways. It needs integrative & meditative mind to reconnect and reorient.

Analytical mind has blown away the method and power of intuition and creative synthesis. ‘Design Thinking’ reinstates the human thinking into the strategy but does not make it future proof. A future-focused integrative thinking is the way forward.

Knowledge has no boundaries. Knowledge by itself is a goal, as propounded since the ancient times in India. True knowledge lends itself to applications beyond the conventional boundaries, across the entire specturm of human activities.

Innovation is meditation. Every act of creation is meditation & a prayer. Innovation is no miracle. It is the result of perseverance of an individual or a group to dream of a solution or creation and live, eat and sleep with it. Innovation is about rendering new meanings. It is about making our short stay on this planet enjoyable and sustainable to all.

Structure is the missing link, in the in the game of creativity and innovation. World is a ‘big-data’ today, struggling to make sense of today and tomorrow. There is no dearth of ideas in this world. However skill to put these ideas into a tangible, practical and scalable structure is a scarce commodity.

—Karmanyeva adhikaraste, ma faleshu kadachan: As the ancient Indian wisdom from the 'Gita' points, we can put our thought and efforts towards making our process right. That is, by all means is in our control. And we must work towards making it a success, however, not bind ourselves with the thought of success. Prototypes fail and that is why they are called prototypes. They reduce the risk of future failures.

 Work is a present reality, beauty is the grand goal. All our efforts must be directed at creating beauty. A beautiful creation is harmonious in aesthetics, function, in its relation with the surroundings and in its cognitive essence.

 —Pre-conditions to create beauty:

  • —  Child-like inquiring mind
  • —  Capacity to listen deeply
  • —  Organized resource inventory for efficient access
  • —  Suspending judgment for some time
  • —  Random explorations for some time
  • —  Art  & poetry as a goal, not just means
  • —  Perseverance
  • —  Discipline | Discipline | Discipline
  • —  Ability to meet the commitment against all odds
  • —  Communicating, Writing, so that others can reflect on it as well

Turian Labs is derived from ‘Turiya’ (of the Sanskrit term ‘Chaturya’) that means the ‘fourth state of consciousness’ mentioned in Indian philosophy. Three states of consciousness are a) waking b) dreams c) dreamless sleep. But the fourth state is where the duality of observer and observed vanishes. It is also called the very substratum of the other three states. Aim of human life is to achieve the supreme consciousness of this fourth state. Turian Lab believes that this world needs to holistic thinking and 'unity of consciousness' to look beyond the obvious.