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Innovation Strategy



Turian Labs uses megatrends framework to collaboratively create alternative scenarios for Organizations/ communities and map emerging opportunities /threats ahead of the curve. Typical question types addressed are ‘What is the future of banking? What is the future of small car in India? How will digital revolution change the contours of democracy?’ 

Design Thinking at work in foresights & future strategy

  • Understanding the global and contextual mega trends at play

  • Understanding market forces & organizational vision

  • Building viable scenarios for the organization, product or service




Turian Labs helps craft better products, services & interactions to offer new desirables in the society, ease the business task flow, generate new efficiency & offer new revenue streams. In the services domain, it crafts and facilitates the merging of the real & digital worlds for seamless interaction. 

Design Thinking at work in product/service crafting

  • Listening to the voice-of-the-users & stakeholders

  • Ethnography/ Story-boarding/            Benchmarking 

  • Gamified Co-creation with consumers and stakeholders

  • Brand Semiotics driven strategic directions

  • Parallel domain trend mapping and    future proofing

  • Focused/Targeted Market messaging 

  • Craft a leaner, smarter system



Turian Labs deploys research-driven brand strategy models to build a brand architecture that is  sharper, scalable and future-ready. In case of integration or brand transitions, we help in evolving a transition plan to de-risk the process. 

Design Thinking at work in brand strategy

  • Brand Envisioning
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Character write-up
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand Clinics
  • Brand Perception & Insights
  • Brand Integration Strategy
  • Brand Transition Risk Assessment    & Mitigation