Enabling Cross-Industry Conversations: D'ive- Design Thinking and Innovation Hive

Design thinking based group activity being conducted at D'ive- Design Thinking and Innovation Hive.
Manoj Kothari and Harshad Nanal - the key speakers at D'ive- Design Thinking and Innovation Hive, presenting design thinking case studies.
Cross-Industry professionals interacting at D'ive- Design Thinking and Innovation Hive, conducted by Turian Labs

D'ive- design thinking and innovation hive, a saw an enthusiastic participation by cross-industry professionals in its inaugural session on September 17th, 2016.  The recurring meetup, conducted by Turian Labs was an attempt to fulfill the gap for a short, recurring and informal forum for exchanging ideas with design thinking experts and fellow cross domain professionals, on a weekend.

D'ive brought together a diverse mix of professionals from fields like entrepreneurship to IT industry and academia - each bringing rich experiences and ideas of innovation from their domains. The varied case-studies and snippets of cross-industry innovation were further fueled by the speakers Manoj Kothari, founder & principal design strategist at Turian Labs and Harshad Nanal, a seasoned senior IT professional with a rich set of experience from global conglomerates like IBM, Tech Mahindra and Thermax. 

D'ive- Design Thinking and Innovation Hive is a recurring meetup and is coming back with its second session on October 22nd, 2016. In the spirit of co-creation, we look forward to engaging with the participants at a more empathetic level. In the next session, we will be discussing participant-generated business cases (concerns, problems, success stories) on innovation and collaborating to come up with design thinking led direction for the same.

(To contribute, please write to manoj@turianlabs.com or harshad.nanal@turianlabs.com )